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Our BEST Electric Tiller Reviews – An In-Depth Guide

The best electric tillers (or rototillers) are the perfect option for garden jobs where you need a quiet, clean and safe machine. As long as you can get around your garden with an extension cord, an electric cultivator is the perfect tool for serious residential gardeners.

I use one of these for weeding and keeping the veggie garden beds tidy, and this is what I learned while researching them for the machine I bought, plus my review of it.

An electric machine allows you to easily turn even hard sod into fluffy soil for gardening, without the manual effort and at a fraction of the time.

Most electric cultivators are also rated as being fairly green in comparison to their gas-powered counterparts. And I can’t wait until technology allows us to use solar powered gardening machines for all our needs, just like they have solar powered lawn mower. The tech is there, so I don’t think it will be much longer.

Anyways, back to the tillers that are available now at places like Home Depot or even Amazon. One of the machines I’m reviewing is likely to be perfect for your gardening needs, whether your residential garden area is large or small.

There is nothing like crisp cool veggies from your own garden in the summer, so get started today.

In the past there were no electrical tools to help in gardening and one had to do everything manually or by using simple tools. Think of the movies when you saw people turning the soil over with a shovel, or walking behind a horse and plow. Ugh!

The thought of having an electric tiller brought a new change in the method of gardening and it is certainly hard to go back.

It is great growing your own fresh vegetables, but these little devices can really save you a serious backache at the end of the day.

Environmentally friendly and cheap to run, they can really help you easily provide great food for your family. We love ours.

The first garden machinery was introduced in the year 1970, and since then several pieces of gardening equipment are being introduced every year.

One of the best gardening tools are rototillers or cultivators, whether gas powered or electric, which makes the cumbersome process of tilling or weeding the garden easier.

An electric tiller can be used to cut hard and trampled soil easily. It is an ideal piece of equipment for preparing flower beds and vegetable plots. It can also be used to clean moss, as well as airing the soil.

The electric tillers and cultivators available nowadays are very simple to use and you can use them without much effort.

The routine maintenance of electric tiller cultivators is much easier and it also generates less noise than the ones that works on gas. This makes them perfect for those of you who live in housing developments or have neighbors living really close to you.

If you are have a smaller garden, the electric tiller cultivator is a good choice as it is very portable and light in weight. The bigger and more powerful gas ones are quite heavy and not so easy to move around. They also take up more storage space and require more maintenance.

You can operate these kinds of cultivators easily in your garden. These portable and light weight tillers are also known as mini-cultivators and can be used for anything from growing a large backyard garden to doing smaller landscaping chores for growing cactus.

What to Look For?

For those people who are fond of gardening and fancy growing vegetables, the electric cultivator is the best choice. But, you should consider a few factors before buying an electric tiller and cultivator.


  • First of all, you should consider the size of your garden. If your garden is very large, then you should go in for an industrial rear tine gas powered machine to fulfill your gardening requirements.
  • Make sure you buy a tiller that has several modes and adjustment options and is simple to use.
  • Choose a machine which is provided with flexible handles and can be stored easily.
  • Another thing to consider is the depth to which the tines can go. Usually, manufacturers claim that their cultivator can go to a depth of 10 inches. To confirm this, you can read electric tiller and cultivators reviews of the customers who have already purchased the same model.
  • You should also make sure that the equipment you are choosing gives a lifetime warranty or guarantee.

There are many brands that manufacture tillers and small garden cultivators.

Some of the top rototiller brands include – Sun Joe, EarthWise, Honda, Troy Bilt Garden, Craftsmen, Husqvarna, MTD, Mantis etc…

How to Choose the Right Electric Tiller – A Buyer’s Guide

The main things to consider when picking which electric tiller to buy are width, adjustability, portability and storage.

As mentioned earlier the width will depend on your garden structure and the space on your property.

Most electric cultivator are smaller than gas options as they are intended for residential applications but you should opt for a smaller one if you are short on space.

Adjustment options are important if you are looking to both lightly disturb and deeply cultivate the soil. These are perfect for getting rid of oleander aphids by just tilling them under the earth where they will rot and become fertilizer for future plants.

Lighter options are better for people who do not have as much physical strength or who simply want an easier unit to move around, as these can be heavy if you are not careful.

If you are lacking in storage space you should consider machines that can have the handles removed easily for storage.

Do I need an electric tiller? What garden tasks can it do?

An electric tiller cultivator can be used to cut hard and trampled soil smoothly. It is an ideal equipment for preparing flower beds and vegetable plots.

It can also be used to clean moss, roofing as well as airing the soil.

The electric tillers and cultivators available nowadays are very simple to use and you can use them without much effort.

The routine maintenance of electric tiller cultivators is much easier and it also generates less noise than the ones that works on gas.

If you have a smaller garden, the electric tiller cultivator is a good choice, as it is very portable and light in weight.

You can operate these kinds of cultivators easily in your garden. These portable and light weight tillers are also known as mini-cultivators.

A cordless electric tiller is not quite as powerful as a plug in corded rototiller, but is convenient for lighter tilling with freedom from a cord.

Best tiller cultivators under $500

For five hundred bucks, you will get a top of the line cultivator.

These are no excuses for cheap quality or poorly rated models at this budget.

You should get plenty of power, but make sure you get a folding handle model if you have a small shed.

10-Inch 8 Amp Electric Cultivator by Greenworks

This first electric cultivator from Greenworks is great for smaller jobs and at 10-inches wide it’s great for getting in between garden rows.

It also features a cultivating width adjustment that can go down to 6.25-inches wide.

This extra feature makes it an excellent choice for more fine cultivation work.

The Greenworks 27012 has four removable tines that make for easy maintenance and faster cultivation.

The adjustable cultivating depth means you can just fluff up the surface or go deeper down to create new garden beds.

A cord-lock feature lets you work away without having to worry about accidentally pulling the plug.

It’s light weight, sturdy construction, and the way the wheels make it easier to move backwards to adjust your pattern.

It’s also quiet and clean!

Best electric tiller cultivators under $300

3-Speed Electric Tiller/Cultivator by Mantis

The final equipment under review is the Mantis 7250 Electric.

This model is upright and without wheels so it is a bit lighter, only 21 pounds.

Resting on the tines means that the device can be swung side to side to do a wider area more easily.

Because it is also quite compact, this model is excellent for gardeners that need between rows or cultivation around tight spaces.

The 7250 has a powerful 3-speed electric motor that gives almost the same power as a gas engine but without the noise and exhaust fumes.

Because this machine doesn’t have wheels it can easily work down to a depth of 10-inches on the first go and with the flick of a lever it can be switched to shallow cultivation of only 2-inches.

Reviews on Amazon rate this machine decently at 4/5 stars over 40 reviews. Customers note that the 7250 is powerful and tills extremely well however some mentioned that it can heat up on particularly hot days, forcing them to stop for half an hour until it cooled down.

TB154E 9-Inch 6.5 Amp Electric Garden Cultivator by Troy-Bilt

Moving a bit upwards in price is the small and versatile TB154E from Troy-Bilt.

This model is a 9-Inch wide model run by a 6.5 amp electric engine.

The tines on the TB154E are unique to this manufacturer; specifically designed to aid with digging, weeding and shredding weeds to create a soil/mulch mix all in one go.

Troy-Bilt TB154E 9-Inch 6.5-Amp Electric Garden Cultivator

The TB154E has a fully adjustable cultivating width that can move between 6 and 10-1/4-Inches wide.

In addition to this it can adjust it’s depth up to a depth of 8-inches.

It also features a ‘cord minder’ that keeps your extension cable in check and out of the way of when you are running the machine.

All of this culminates in an extremely versatile machine.

Troy-Bilt’s TB154E has received over 70 reviews on Amazon and maintains a high 45 star average. It’s versatility was the thing praised most by reviewing customers, especially with the attachments available from Craftsman, another manufacturer whose attachments fit on this model.

Tips For Electric Cultivating

  1. Plan your path beforehand so that your not running across your extension cable. When cultivating backwards you can put the cable over one shoulder as it makes easy work of tilling.
  2. If a machine’s tines become jammed with a large rock or if they get stuck in roots the best response is to immediately turn off and disconnect the tiller from power. Then you can remove the tines or free them by hand.
  3. Always refer to the manufacturers manual before assembling, operating or maintaining any electric cultivator.
  4. It is well worth it to buy a heavy duty, high quality extension cable to go with your new electric tiller. You want something that can carry the necessary power the length you need to travel that wont get damaged in the yard.

Best electric tillers & cultivators under $100

You can buy the best electric tiller cultivator for your garden for just $100. You will find plenty of models in the range of $50 to $100, that help you in completing your entire gardening task, without putting much effort.

Sun Joe is an excellent brand that has manufactured dozens of models in this price range. You can also have a look at the models manufactured by Eartwise and Black & Decker.

This is a great amount to have to spend. There are tons of popular models in this price range, and here, I have chosen the very best value ones.

11-Inch 8-1/2 Amp Electric Tiller by Earthwise

The Earthwise TC70001 is a slightly wider machine at 11-inches. It’s also slightly more powerful than the model by Greenworks at eight and half amps.

The overall difference is small but this model will make larger jobs just a little bit easier.

It also typically retails for a little bit cheaper than the Greenworks model making it great value for money.

Feature-wise it’s a bit lighter than other models but it does exactly what an electric machine needs to do, sort out the garden easily and cleanly. Even if you’re growing desert plants!

It’s simple yet sturdy design is what it is most praised for by customers.

Almost 4,000 reviews on Amazon give it an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The TC70001 is an all-round reliable, sturdy and great value machine.

Best electric tiller cultivators under $50

There are a number of economical electric cultivators that are priced less than $50. Black & Decker is one of the reputed brands that manufacture tiller/cultivators in this range.

The model GC818B works well in this category and is a perfect equipment for soil aeration as well as weeding.

Another reputed brand that manufactures cultivators in this range is – Expand-It. The string trimmer by Expand-It is one of the best models of this brand that is available in this range.

You can do different tasks like – trimming, tilling, edging, etc. more efficiently using this wonder machine. These are very powerful and light in weight.

Hence, you may need to put some strength to get it into the hard soil.

The products by Sun Joe in this range come with additional attachments, which makes gardening a fun activity. These are compact in size, durable, powerful, and can remove hard clay and stones easily. The Tiller Joe by Sun Joe works with a powerful electric motor of 6.5 amps and can cut up to a width of 14 inches, and dig up to a depth of 7 inches.

The cordless electric garden cultivators by Black & Decker are available with soft grips and give long time comfort to your hands. These are perfect for general weeding are powered by a battery of 18 volts.