Best Tools for Desert Gardening

Gear needed for gardeners who live in the desert

Okay, how many of you have a rotary hammer in your gardening gear? Howa about a caliche bar or a pair of welder’s gloves?

If you live in the desert and are just starting out doing gardening, you’ll fast find out that the inside of your gardening shed is going to appear a little varied than similar sheds elsewhere.

Digging Gear for Desert Gardening

The caliche bar is a vital too for desert gardening. This tool weighs 30 pounds, is a six feet long rod and on one of the ends is a chisel. If you use it the right way, this tool will break up even calcium carbonate that’s as strong as cement, a type of caliche you find in desert ground.

You may think a pickaxe, jackhammer or a really strong shove would be more in common with miners than with gardeners. However, you will need them to begin gardening within a desert terrain as the dirt there is a lot harder, and contains less nutrients, as well as there being sections of caliche. The desert’s rocky and dry dirt ensures planting anything is extremely hard to do.

The majority of folks won’t require a jackhammer like is used for busing up a sidewalk. However, obtaining a rotary hammer is a good idea as this tool breaks up and drills holes straight through the caliche. You need that to provide drainage of water.

If you do gardening in the desert dirt that’s rocky, make sure you get a garden shovel more than three feet long. If you don’t, then you won’t have the leverage you’ll require to dig into the soil and get under any rocks.

Rather, you should buy a spade shovel that has a lengthy handle made of fiberglass.

The majority of professionals additionally advise you get some trenching shovels in several sizes of spades. These can make additional holes as well as lower the volume of digging you’ll be required to do.

Pruning tools

It’s recommended desert gardeners get rid of anvil pruners having a single blade which makes cuts on stationary surfaces. Rather, you should get some bypass pruners, and they are sort of like a pair of scissors and provide a cut that’s cleaner.

One item a desert garden won’t have to get is a chainsaw. Well-meaning homeowners have done irreversible harm to formerly nice looking trees.

If you have some kind of heavy pruning requirement, then you need to bring in a pro instead.


Also, don’t get a wheelbarrow as the majority of folks’ upper body strength isn’t strong enough to work with them. Rather, you should get a hand cart or some sort of garden cart. Whichever you get, it must have wheels made of steel and that are sturdily built.

Buy a great tool set made with handles of metal and not of wood. These last nearly forever. Hunt for hose nozzle as well as other kind of attachments that have fittings made of metal as well. Plastic ones will not last at all.

Additional gear advised includes:

Gardening gloves

You can’t have an overabundance of gardening gloves. As you are buying gloves, don’t get hung up on the ones that are pretty and cheap. They have a low price, but they won’t protect you from much of anything and will wear out if they get even a little bit dirty or wet.

You need to buy numerous pairs of gardening gloves so you can do different jobs. For instance, welding gloves protect you the best from things like spines or thorns, however, they can cause dexterity issues.

Professional gardeners prefer gardening gloves which have the palm area coated with latex because they make their grip better, particularly if their hands are weak. And gloves made of leather provide the top level of dexterity.

Inexpensive Gardening Gloves

Pink and cute doesn’t mean much when buying the top gloves. Still, go ahead and get those pretty ones you have your eyes on if it means you need a little comfort to make you feel good.

You can pick a cute pair of pink gloves or whatever color you love, but you also need to buy additional pairs of gloves that are durable too. Once you get stabbed by some spiny desert foxtails you will quickly know which gloves are the best and strongest.

Hats for gardening

You likely won’t notice how much time is passing when you’re out there in your garden checking on the newly popped up green shoots. It is so relaxing and stress reducing to work in the garden. Therefore, be sure to put on a hat prior to leaving the house because afterward you won’t think about it as you are baking in the hot sun.

Buy a hat that shades you from the sun and be sure it covers your entire head, as well as protects the nape of the neck and the face.

Vide garden colors are inspiring. So are vivid colored hats. So, get yourself a brand-new hat for your trips to your garden in both the evening and in the mornings.

A Hula Hoe

Not many people love to weed their gardens, except perhaps people who use it as part of their exercise routine. I do my weeding with a basic cheap type of hula hoe, however, there are bigger models that are more expensive. Actually, even though it is more expensive, I would think a bigger one could make the weeding a little easier to do. So, I am thinking about getting one next time I make a list for buying gardening gear.


A trowel is quite handy if you want to plant flowers, veggies, or herbs, no matter if it’s containers or outside in the dirt. Customary trowels that have a narrow long blade are excellent to dig and plant with. You can also use customary type trowels to scoop out dirt from your bag and then take it to your containers.

Each time I do end up spilling a little dirt, therefore using one with a deep dish type of blade is best for transplanting dirt. Look around on the Internet or go to a hardware type store to pick the top trowel that works for your requirements. Pick the one you like best whether it’s the customary kind or one’s that’s ergonomic or any sort of gardening trowel meeting all your requirements.

Rakes for gardening

As autumn approaches, it is a great idea to buy a rake. One of my friends was visiting me in the desert and he noticed the one I had and was curious as he had never seen one like it.

I thought he meant the mini rake, as that’s a really cool piece of gear that I use for picking up piles of leaves. However, he was looking at the sweep rake I have. I got to wondering how many kinds of rakes are there, and found many I had never known about.

Shoes for gardening

Gardening in the desert, particularly when I’ve been doing some weeding with my hula hoe, I have had a lot of foxtails stick onto my shoes. Therefore, it’s good to buy a strong and durable pair of gardening clogs to wear while gardening.


A kinked hose is quite aggravating while you are gardening with it. It ranks up there with animals eating up all your plants. So, you can buy a pocket hose if you want to stop kinking incidents.

You probably can see that the gardening gear I love best is gardening gloves. Still, every one of these other tools are vital for gardeners everywhere.

Do you have a gardening tool you love and cannot get anything done without it? If so, I would love it if you talk about it in the comments section on my page.

Have a Happy Day Gardening!