Desert Shrubs & Grass


The salvia flower plants exist in dry or moist areas where the temperature is normally hot. Some other names associated with this plant species include sage of the diviners and seer’s sage. The plant is native to a mountainous area of Oaxaca, Mexico called the Sierra Mazateca. You’ll find it in a cloud forest where the outdoor conditions are moist, humid, and dim.


The Ocotillo, known as Fouquieria splendens also has many other names such as candlewood, coachwhip, desert coral, Jacob cactus, Jacob staff, and vine cactus. It is made up of three species which are splendens engelms, breviflora Hendrickson and campanulata Henrickson. The ocotillo is a strangely shaped plant that is a native to the Southwestern part of the United States. The plant usually looks like a dead brownish bundle of a stick in the absence of rain but on a closer look, some of its parts are actually green. But as soon as the rain falls, its ovate leaves spring out intermittently along the long branches and can remain for many months.

Emu Bush



Lady Banks Rose

Baja Fairy Duster

Red Bird of Paradise



Fire Sticks

Triangle Leaf Bursage

Bookleaf Mallee