Desert Trees

Bismarck Palmetto

This lovely palm is sure to stand out in any desert landscape. It has a gorgeous silvery-blue color with a deep mahogany colored trunk. The palm is drought tolerant once established, fast-growing and can get quite large. It looks amazing at night when lit up from the ground. These palms are hard to find at nurseries and big box stores. Moon Valley Nursery tends to carry them. They are pricey there. There are also a few shops online that carry them as well, a quick search will pull them up.


Ficus are about 900 species of plants, shrubs and vines in the family of Moraceae. Many of these species are commonly known as figs. These plants are mostly found in the tropical areas of the world. Ficus are ever-green trees with waxy leaves. The leaves produce yellow or white latex when it’s broken down. Many species of Ficus has aerial roots and some of these trees are also found in the non-tropic region. The tree also produces a hollow fruit which is called ‘syconium’. The fruit encloses small male and female flowers inside it in a bunch.

Orange Tree

For almost 30 years, the orange tree has been the most cultivated tree in the world. The tree is known to originate in Ancient China however with time its cultivation has spread to almost all corners of the world. In the present world nearly all countries in the world cultivate orange trees.

Pindo Palm

You think of Florida and the first thing or name that comes to your mind is Pindo Palm tree. There are the types of palm trees which can tolerate to live and grow well in extreme cold regions of the world, unlike the normal palm trees which die due to cold temperatures. They are also known as jelly palms and they grow very slowly in the cooler regions. On average, they grow mature to be 15 to 20 feet tall. Their trunk also grows about 1 to 1.5 feet in diameter.

Queen Palm

The Queen Palm tree, scientifically known as Arecastrum romazoffianum and commonly regarded as Coco plumasa or Syagrus romanzoffianum. Queen Palm is native to Paraguay, Northern Argentina, and Brazil. It is widely known for its high tolerance to any weather condition and rapid growth in moist soil.

Queen Palm trees can grow one of its trunks to be as tall as 20 meters. They are usually chosen for areas with landscape and help add a tropical ambiance to a garden.

California Fan Palm

Canary Island Date Palm

Pygmy Date Palm

Lemon Tree

Lime Tree

Ponytail Palm

Grapefruit Tree

Palo Brea

Palo Verde


Chilean Mesquite

Texas Mountain Laurel

Joshua Tree

Date Palm





Senegal Date Palm


Mediterranean Fan Palm

Natal Plum

Dragon’s Blood Tree

Sago Palm

Red Gum Tree

Arizona Ash


Almond Tree