Lantana is the term given to a genus of almost 150 flowering plants.  These plants are native to the tropical regions of south America, central America and Africa. The plant is also found in Australia however it is not native to Australia. It was only introduced in the country in 1841 as an ornamental plant.

What Do They Look Like?

Lantana plants are actually very beautiful. They are usually found in form of rounded clusters of flowers. These flowers are small and have very bright color. The colors vary with the species. These colors may include red, orange, yellow, purple, white and many other colors. Sometimes you can see more than one color in a single cluster of flowers.

Uses Of Lantana

Lantana leaves have a very aromatic fragrance. They smell like citrus. This is why they have been used in making perfumes since the 1800s. It also has a lot of medical benefits. The plant is used in making several herbal medications that can help in treating things like skin problems, cancer, leprosy, chicken pox, rabies, asthma, measles and ulcers. Lantanas attract butterflies which makes them a great plant to have for butterfly gardening. Another great use of Lantana is that it can be used as a mosquito repellent. This plant may be toxic in nature but it has helped save many lives by repelling mosquitoes that might have spread malaria.

The Best Condition To Grow Lantanas

Lantanas can usually grow in all types of weather. They need at least 6 hours of sharp sunlight. If you want the plant to grow flowers on your Lantana plant then it is necessary to expose it to as much sunlight as possible. Without the sunlight the plant will survive however it will not grow any flowers. In order to efficiently grow Lantanas you need soil that is well draining. They can however grow in almost all types of soil however if you want a healthy Lantana then it is recommended to use a well draining soil.  You have to regularly water this plant. If the plant does not get its right amount of water then the flower growth might stop. It is recommended to water this plant daily. Lantana cannot withstand extreme cold weathers. The plant is known to die at a temperature below 28 Fahrenheit.

Do Lantanas Need Fertilizers?

Lantanas can grow exceptionally good even without fertilizers however if you want to increase the beautiful and colored flowers on the plant then you can add a little fertilizer every month. They are a very low maintenance but beautiful plant which can enhance the beauty of your garden or even an indoor lobby.

Are Lantanas Dangerous?

Lantanas might be beautiful but they are a very toxic plant. You can keep them indoor for ornamental purposes however if you have a child in your house then it is best to keep the plant out in the garden. Unripe fruit from the lantana plant can cause a lot of health issues and in some cases it can be fatal. This makes them a very risky plant to have around pets and children.