Orange Tree

For almost 30 years, the orange tree has been the most cultivated tree in the world. The tree is known to originate in Ancient China however with time its cultivation has spread to almost all corners of the world. In the present world nearly all countries in the world cultivate orange trees.

How Long Can They Live

Orange trees are known to have a lengthy lifespan. If given proper care these trees can live up to more than a hundred years.

Perfect Conditions To Grow An Orange Tree

If the conditions are ideal, an orange tree may bear fruit after five years of planting. Orange trees need extensive sunlight to survive and grow. Its safe to say that these trees hate cold weathers. Orange trees dry off very quickly so it is crucial to water them on a regular basis. It is ideal to use small amounts of water on a regular basis instead of using a large amount of water at a single time. The soil on which the orange tree is grown should be sandy and well drained. Prune the tree on a regular basis. Pruning not only adds to the beauty of the landscape , it also aids in keeping the tree healthy.

Things That Can Damage An Orange Tree

Excessive amount of water can be very damaging for this tree. Other than that, Giant Swallowtail caterpillars are also considered a big threat to orange trees. This specie of caterpillars is known to cause serious damage to the orange trees.

Uses Of Orange Tree

An orange tree can be used in many different ways. Its flowers, fruits, wood and leaves are all very useful. The fruit is used to create many different edible items. It is also used to make orange juice which is a very popular breakfast drink. Speaking of beverages , the leaves from orange tree can be used to make orange tea. Orangewood is used for seasoning grilled meat. They are also used as cuticle pushers in pedicures and manicures. The flowers of orange trees have a lot of different uses. They are used in bouquets, in making perfumes, in making several European cuisines and many other things.

Benefits of Orange Tree

  • It is a very beautiful and fascinating tree that can add to the total landscape value of a property.
  • The tree is an evergreen plant and is very easy to grow.
  • The fruit from orange tree has a lot of medicinal properties. Not only does the fruit help in maintaining a more healthy immune system, it also help in lowering risks of cancer.
  • Orangewood is being used in beauty industry for ages.

The orange tree is one of the most beautiful plants in the world. The tree is cultivated all over the world. It is expected that it will maintain its top position for the most cultivated tree in the world for a lot of years to come.